Message to comrades at the home of Russian prisoners in Ukraine: “Do not come here! No matter how much money is paid. Here is a war! ”

In a new video, Russian soldiers captured in Ukraine say soldiers who were sent to war from February 24 until the last minute thought they were actually fighting and were “exercising”.

Russian soldier, prisoner in UkrainePhoto: Screenshot

On the side of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, footage of the interrogation of two Russian soldiers was released, claiming that they had discovered on the spot that they should shoot at civilians. After being abandoned in the middle of the road by other comrades and destroying their military equipment, they disappeared into a forest, then into a pig farm, and then surrendered to the locals who handed over their weapons.

One of them came with a message to the other Russian soldiers: “Please, do not come here. Money is not worth anything. Life is more important than anything!”

The first soldier to appear in the video tells how he was captured while lurking in a pig farm.

“I was third in line. The first car in the column suddenly exploded. We all went out. We slept on the way. Then the second car exploded. We all ran away and we split into a few groups. I, the commander and our two battalions, who were here on contract, went. We went to an area and took the car from an old man and left.

In about five minutes they fired back at us. We hid in the woods, where we stayed until dark. I saw a red building and it turned into a pig farm. We stayed there for a while, then through the woods and fields we came close to the village of Kamis, which we did not enter, but we walked through the gardens of the houses. I saw a man, I raised my hands, told him we were surrendering, and we gave our men our weapons and bulletproof vests for the local men, ”the man says.

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The second man, with even more emotion, admitted that his regiment had opened fire on civilians. At the same time, the Russian military says he does not know where or for what purpose.

  • Management has informed us that we are only going to the Ukrainian border for three days. But they did not tell us much. We reached the border, but we crossed the border.
  • What time is it then?
  • It was the night of February 24, 2022. They did not tell us anything definite. Only then did we learn something else. Initially, it was said that we were going to the border for three days. We came here, but we were not very friendly.
  • What does “not very friendly” mean?
  • We went, everything was normal, but our tanks and weapons started firing.
  • Who?
  • population. We were told that there should be places for the deployment of military troops, but in reality the civilians were there. We went through the passage. An army car broke down. We started asking for help from our comrades, but they all left. An oxygen balloon exploded and they think they are scared. Then we went into the woods. I, the commander and five others. We hid for three or four days and we were discovered by the locals. Please do not come here, it is not worth any money. Life is more important than that.
  • Tell me, what is really going on here?
  • Confusion here, hard to play here. The war is going on here.
  • Tell me, do you need providers?
  • No one needs liberators or attackers. We must live in peace. My words are just that.
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Earlier, in several videos posted on the pages of government agencies in Ukraine, Russian soldiers appeared and were taken prisoner, claiming that they did not know they were being sent to the real war. They say it was only said about the exercises.

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