“My city is bombed, but my mother in Moscow does not trust me.” Drama story of a young woman from Cargo

For Ukrainians with parents living in Russia, the drama of the war is amplified by the fact that they find no relief from their relatives. Some young people spoke BBC Their parents would not believe them when they told them about the war in Ukraine, because of the propaganda broadcast by the Kremlin media channels.

Oleksandra is 25 years old and lives in Cargo. The young woman and her 4 dogs have taken refuge in the bathroom of her apartment since the blast began. “When I heard the explosion, I ran out of the house to pick up my dogs from the pen. People panicked and abandoned their cars. I was so scared,” said Alexandra.

She speaks frequently with her mother in Moscow, but during conversations, in the bombed-out city, he could not convince her that her life was in danger. The mother did not even have faith in the bombings sent by her daughter. “I did not want to scare my parents, but I began to tell them directly that civilians and children were dying. Even if they cared about me, they would tell me that the Russian military would never open fire on civilians. This is an accident. Ukrainians are killing their own people,” he said. Said.

In telephone conversations, parents use Russian propaganda messages. “My parents understand that military action is taking place. But I say, the Russians have come to free you. They will not hurt anything and they will not touch you. They only target military targets, ”Oleksandra said.

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Olegsandra blames the state-controlled newspapers in Russia for the fact that her mother only repeats what she sees on television in Moscow. “It simply came to our notice then. He washes their brains. And people trust them. “

The war in Ukraine is presented differently in the Russian media. Russian media report that Ukrainian citizens are being intimidated by Ukrainian nationalists using human shields.

Moreover, the justification for Russian journalists is that a liberation operation is taking place in Ukraine. All media that used the words war, invasion and attack have been shut down. At the same time, Russians protesting in the streets against the war were not shown on television.

Alexandra is not the only young woman facing this drama. Anastasia’s parents, a BBC correspondent in Kiev, live in a village about 20 kilometers from the Donetsk People’s Republic. The village is still under Ukrainian control, but Anastasia’s parents always watch Russian state television. They set their hours after Moscow time as a sign of nostalgia for the Soviet past.

So when the sirens started ringing in Kiev on February 24, Anastasia knew how her parents would behave. “When I got out of bed at 5am, the first person I called was my mother. I called her and she was surprised, she was so quiet. Then I called her again. I told her I was scared, “said Anastasia. “She told me, ‘Don’t worry. They (Russia) will never bomb Kiev,'” he said. ! “” I could not breathe for a moment. I heard my mother say this so cruelly, it broke my heart.

Anastasia left Kiev after spending four nights in a dormitory. “I have a lot of thoughts in my head right now. What will happen to all of us? Where is this going? Will I ever come back? Will I ever see my parents again? I still love them, but something inside me is broken. And I do not think it will be fixed.”

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