Private Doral in action: What happens when you fire a machine gun at an anti-aircraft missile launcher from a short distance away?

A soldier in Ukraine was about to die after being hit by an S-300 anti-aircraft missile from close range with a machine gun.

A video posted on social media shows the soldier lying on his stomach a few meters away from the rocket launcher.

The soldier arms his machine gun and fires in the direction of the launcher.

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The anti-aircraft missile bounces into the air and immediately sets off a series of secondary explosions that set the entire area ablaze. According to the Twitter account Ukraine Arms Tracker, which specializes in publishing films and images from Ukraine, where the video was posted, the soldier was a Russian and the S-300 launcher was Ukrainian, and the scene took place in the early days. Conflict. , in the Kherson region.

However, the soldier’s nationality is not known for certain, but the images show the letter “V” emblazoned on the rocket launcher, which, along with “Z”, has become one of the symbols of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Author: Mihnia Lazar

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