Ukraine “will not be dismembered” Kiev acquires high-performance weapons. Putin threatens the West. Arming Kiev to continue the war puts peace talks at risk

Update 17:00 Peskov: Only a small part of Russian power in Ukraine

“Russia is using a small part of its military power in the special operation in Ukraine,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said at a briefing carried by the Doss news agency. “The armies are not comparable, and as President Vladimir Putin has already noted, only a fraction of the Russian army has ever been used.”

Update 16:50 Russia: 7 years in prison

“A Moscow court has sentenced Russian dissident Alexei Korino to seven years in prison for spreading false information about the Russian military.” Novaya Gazeta Europa reported from the courtroom. Korinov also showed a sign of anti-war during the trial. In Russia, a law went into effect in March that makes spreading information deemed “false” by Russian authorities punishable by up to 15 years in prison.

Update 16:40 Moscow: Two Harpoon anti-ship systems destroyed

Russian Defense Ministry Sergei Shoigu announced that two Harpoon-provided anti-ship missile systems were destroyed overnight in the Odessa region, Reuters reported. The harpoons are part of the arsenal provided to Kiev by NATO countries to defend against US installations and Russian aggression.

Update 16:00 Zelensky: We will not give up

Ukrainians are not ready to give up their land and accept that those territories belong to Russia. This is our country, “Volodymyr Zelensky said in an interview with CNN. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said,” Doss reminded them completely incomparable. Russia’s potential is enormous. Only a small fraction of it is currently used in special military operations. A Moscow court has sentenced Russian dissident Alexei Korino to seven years in prison on charges of spreading “false news” about the Russian military for taking part in the invasion of Ukraine.

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Update 15:30 Borrell: 1.2 billion people are at risk of food crisis

“1.2 billion people, one in six of the world’s population, are severely exposed to a combination of rising food prices, rising energy prices and poor financial conditions,” said Joseph Borrell in his speech on the food crisis at the G20 foreign ministry. affairs. “Things could get worse. Russia has blocked 20 million tons of grain in warehouses in Ukraine. This is a deliberate attempt to use food as a weapon of war not only against Ukraine, but also against the world’s most vulnerable countries,” he added.

Update 15:10 Von der Leyen: EU is working on alternative ways to export grain

“Russia is blocking grain exports from Ukraine, starving millions of people. The Black Sea blockade must end. As long as the Black Sea is blocked by Russia, we as the EU will try to provide alternatives to Ukraine by road, rail or the Danube,” said Ursula van Der, President of the European Commission. Leyen at the “United Nations Withdrawal” event on Long Island.

UPDATE 14:53 War in Ukraine: More than 40 settlements hit in last 24 hours

Public servants Ukraine He said Russian forces were trying to advance west of the Luhansk-Donetsk border into the cities of Pakmut and Sloviansk, and “the enemy launched an offensive in the direction of Verknokamyansk with some success.” Spirn”, added the Ukrainian army.

Verknokamianske and Spirne are located next to the main highway west of the Russian-occupied city of Lysisansk last week.

The Ukrainians said, “The invaders are advancing in the direction of Vesela Dolina,” which is near Pakmut.

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UPDATE 12:00 Ukraine is still supported by the West. Zelensky gets the necessary weapons

Update 11:00 Zelensky says Snake Island is a warning to Russia: Ukraine “will not be broken”

Update 10:00 Inflation in Ukraine exceeds 20%

High energy prices, disruption in production and logistics channels, destruction of capacity and infrastructure are the main reasons for rising inflationary pressures, says the NBR.

Update 8:30 Russians fired several missiles at Kharkiv, Mikhilske, Lebyashe, Udi, Dementiivka, Verkny and Stary Saltiv, Petrivka, Ruski Tishki and Bairak settlements.

On Friday, Ukrainian soldiers repelled a Russian attack on Dementiivka in eastern Kharkov.

Update 05:00

Canada to send 39 armored fighting vehicles from General Dynamics to Ukraine They will arrive this summer.

Update 04:00

Johnson’s resignation will not affect NATO’s continued support for Ukraine.

At the NATO summit in Madrid, it was agreed that the UK would continue to support Ukraine and this would not change.

Update 03:00

Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuga said Romania could secure Ukraine’s natural gas supply.

The country will be able to supply gas only after the interconnector from Greece to Bulgaria is launched.

Update 01:00

Ukraine accuses Russian military of setting fire to whole grain crops

The Euromaidan press released pictures Thursday night of burning Ukrainian grain fields, and Ukrainians are blaming the Russian military.

Summary of the day

  • The Russians bombed Snake Island, flying their country’s flag and claiming to have killed Ukrainian soldiers.
  • The city of Granatorsk felt the fury of Russian missiles
  • Russian military scores consistent successes: US-made HIMARS missile depot destroyed;
  • Kiev lost one of its key international backers after the resignation of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.
  • The Netherlands has achieved its goal of ending its dependence on Russian gas
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