Ilan Sorin’s party will hold new protests in Chisinau on Sunday. Police informed that provocations are being prepared / Report by Maia Sandhu

The “Movement for the People”, formed around the ŞOR party, plans to organize a new protest in Chisinau on Sunday, amid growing warnings and signals, including from Washington, that Moscow will launch provocations for these demonstrations. It will lead to destabilization of the country.

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Moldova announced on Saturday that the republic’s national police had information that they were organizing acts of disruption and mass disorder at a demonstration planned for March 12, and law enforcement officials asked organizers and participants of Sunday’s demonstrations not to admit to dangerous actions. Protection of state and citizens. quoted the police as warning that they will not tolerate any form of provocation or aggression.

“In particular, we request the public association with illegal badges and symbols moving in front of the column of participants to uncover their faces,” the police said. At the same time, law enforcement agencies have requested the protest organizers not to allow unaccompanied minors to participate in the protest.

“Anyone who observes suspicious substances, under the influence of alcohol or drugs is requested to immediately inform the police. If you see a situation that disturbs public order, immediately dial the unique number 112 or inform the nearest police officer,” law enforcement officials announced on Saturday.

Since 1:00 p.m., the police warned the residents of Chisinau. Ştefan cel Mare si Sfânt and Mihai Viteazul str. Traffic will be partially blocked.

Maya Chandu believes in government institutions

On Saturday, President Mia Sandhu declared that if there was a risk of destabilization in Sunday’s demonstration, “there are risks like this every time”.

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“Every time there are such risks, but so far our institutions have proved that they know how to keep the situation under control. I am sure that they will ensure public order from now on,” Maia Chandu said.

Earlier, ŞOR Party Vice President Marina Dabur announced that the protesters on March 12 will be “even more numerous” than the protests on February 19 and 28.

The protesters want to come to Parliament on Sunday and demand that the government pay the bills in full for the winter months. Also, according to the ŞOR party statement, the demonstrators will tell the government “no war in Moldova”, without specifying what that means.

“Men in Black”

The last protest of the “Movement for the People” was on February 28, and the demonstration was not without tension. At the entrance to the city, several buses and minibuses carrying people who wanted to join the protest stopped, despite the ban on public gatherings in Chisinau as a result of the visit of the Greek president. The police declared that many vehicles did not meet technical conditions and represented a danger to passengers, and the organizers of the rally accused the police and, presumably, the government of deliberately blocking the access of the demonstrators.

At the February 28 demonstration, at the head of a column of protesters brought to the center of the capital was a group dressed in special black uniforms with the inscription “People’s Shield”. In addition to leading the line of protesters, the men seemed to be watching the crowd closely.

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After President Maia Sandu announced last month that Moscow-directed destabilization was brewing in Moldova, “SOR” Party Vice-President Marina Tober called on all parties in the country to protest. Maia Sandu said, “In implementing the project, the authors rely on many internal forces, especially the creation of ŞOR and all its derivatives, some soldiers, former employees of law enforcement and many other people. Connections with Plahotniuc”.

Oligarchs Vlad Plahotniuc and Ilan Şor, who are internationally wanted by the Republic of Moldova, are on sanctions lists in the USA and Great Britain.

Washington accuses Moscow of seeking to destabilize Moldova, including through demonstrations

On the other hand, this week Chisinau authorities announced that they are documenting the activities of about 80 youths from Chisinau and other districts of the Republic of Moldova, who were allegedly transported to Turkey for three days by the “ŞOR” party. For participating in exercises related to organizing challenges during the Chisinau protests.

The White House on Friday accused Russia of trying to destabilize the Republic of Moldova. While the United States does not see an immediate military threat to the Republic of Moldova, the Biden administration believes Russia is trying to weaken the small European country, foment an insurgency and install a pro-Moscow government, a spokesman for the National Security Council explained. John Kirby. “Russian actors” linked to Moscow’s intelligence services are “trying to organize the pretext of protests in the Republic of Moldova and use them as a basis for a fabricated rebellion against the Moldovan government,” the official said.

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NATO Deputy Secretary General Mircea Geoană held a meeting on Friday with the Interior Minister of the Republic of Moldova, Ana Revenko, and announced that Moldova is facing intense Russian propaganda and a much broader hybrid threat.

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