Novak Djokovic, expelled from Australia, went straight to the monastery / “Before I became an athlete I was an Orthodox Christian” – Sources News

The city of Montenegro announced that Novak Djokovic, who had recently fled Australia without a vaccine, visited the Astrok monastery in Montenegro on Friday, January 21. The most beloved saints of the Serbs.

At the monastery, Djokovic spoke with His Eminence Ionicci, the metropolis of Montenegro. He gifted Astro the emblem of St. Basil, cited as proof “to help him in all his ways.”

He wished the metropolitan that he would return to the field soon. During the visit, Djokovic posed for photos with members of the monastery, but also with pilgrims.

Following Djokovic’s exit from Australia, this is Serb’s first public appearance since returning home, where he wanted to take part in the Australian Open.

Novak Djokovic never hid his traditional belief, always wearing a cross around his neck. It was decorated by the Belgrade Patriarch.

His religious beliefs predate his 68 titles, including 20 Grand Slam titles he has won since the beginning of his career. Had he won the Australian Open, he would have won the most Grand Slam matches in history.

“This is the most important topic of my life, because before I became an athlete I was an Orthodox Christian,” the athlete said in April 2011 when he received his Order of Saint Sava in the first degree from the Serbian Orthodox Church patriot Irenaeus. Sent to eternity.

The Order of Saint Sava in the Serbian Orthodox Church is of the highest distinction, especially given his contribution to the renovation of religious buildings in his own Serbia.

Due to the proceeds from the tournaments and advertising contracts, the athlete became a millionaire. From this position, he founded the Novak Foundation, through which he supports the underprivileged and helps in his favorite causes. In Serbia, through this foundation, Djokovic built schools, kindergartens and canteens for children and the poor.

The Novak Foundation provided financial assistance to Australia during the floods.

The Astrok Monastery is located on a hill, precisely on the steep wall of the Astroska Greta Rock in Montenegro and is dedicated to St. Basil the Astro.

The monastery is 2,000 meters high and over 300 years old.

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