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The Ministry of Education has announced that the deadline for obtaining scholarship files for students is January 31, 2022 and in the current epidemic conditions scholarship files can be submitted by email or mail. Receipt of documents should be confirmed by the school.

“In the current epidemiological situation, the documents proving the right to submit the application to the school and to receive the scholarship, to receive the scholarship, the respective part of the social assistance, can be obtained in the second semester. Confirmed “, it was mentioned and quoted in a journal published by the Ministry of Education edupedu.ro

Schools must confirm receipt of documents by email to the address provided.

Scholarship: Beneficiary lists will be revised according to the school environment of the students.

One of the most well-defined criteria for awarding scholarships in the new order was the revision of the list of beneficiaries “according to the school situation of the students” in the second semester.

The Ministry of Education says that this is an amendment only for 5th and 9th classes, however there is no such specification in the order. Also, the Ministry of Education says it wants to expel students who are no longer students at that school and write reviews.

“The half-yearly review of the list of beneficiaries, in light of the changes in the school environment of the students, is provided in Section 8 (3), which includes the enrollment or removal of fifth-grade students. .

How to make a scholarship in 2022

The document also explains how this semester scholarship has been awarded on average since the end of last year. In other words, only those who received an average of 9.50 and above on average in the 2020-2021 academic year now receive the qualifying scholarship, although an average of 8.50 and above received this scholarship in the first semester.

“Since 2011, the school situation of students from the previous school year has been taken into account when awarding eligibility and scholarships without interruption.

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Exceptions are students in grades V and IX who are eligible for a second year scholarship under Section 8 (1) (a) (b) and (c) and Section 10 (1) (a) (b). And c.

How to calculate the overall average for scholarships

The overall average or first semester average referred to in Article 8 (1) (a), (b) and (c) and Article 10 (1) (a), (b) and (c) refers to the arithmetic mean, respectively, for all Half-year averages for subjects; From wearing.

Under the provisions of Article 9, the provision of qualifying scholarships is not conditional on the submission of an application in this regard ”, as shown in the document sent to all schools by the Ministry of Education.

General Criteria for Social Scholarships for Students and Additions

Point (b) was established by the court for the protection of the child, or for the protection of the child under the law, which includes orphans or students raised by single parents or students abandoned by parents, in the category of students eligible for social assistance referred to in section 14 (1).

A child raised by a single parent means a child in the care of a single parent; According to the clarifications, parental authority is exercised by the single parent.

“General Criteria Providing Social Assistance Scholarships The categories of students referred to in Section 14 (1) (b), (c) and (c) shall not affect the payment of their monthly net income to a family member.

This provision applies to the category of beneficiaries provided for in Rule 14 (1) (a).

Monthly Net Income / Family Member Unconditional Social Scholarship Students

Disbursement of Social Scholarships Students who are not conditional on the monthly net income of a family member include:

  • “Social security measures have been taken against students who have been orphaned or raised by individual parents or who have been abandoned by their parents;
  • Students with disabilities / functional impairments due to diseases, disorders or disorders of body structures and functions, structured typographically by order of the Minister of Health and the Order of Labor, Social Security and the Elderly. 1,306 / 1,883 / 2016 for approval of biological psychological criteria for classifying children with disabilities and disabilities in their application methods, with the following amendments and completions:
  • I. Diseases and disorders of the nervous system and global mental functions;II. Diseases of emotional structures and functions;
  • III. Diseases of the laryngeal system and its functions;
  • IV. Diseases of the structure of the cardiovascular system and its functions;
  • v. Structural diseases of the respiratory system and its functions;
  • We are. Structural diseases of the immune system and its functions;
  • VII. Diseases of the structure and function of the digestive, metabolic and endocrine systems;
  • VIII. Urinary tract dysfunction with or without chronic renal failure (CKD), regardless of cause;
  • IX. Associated with diseases and movement of the structure and functions of the musculoskeletal system;
  • X. Diseases of the skin structure, appendages and skin functions;
  • XI. Cancer (regardless of location, including recurrences and metastases);
  • XII. Genetic diseases;
  • XIII. Organ, tissue and cell transplant surgery, post-transplant conditions;
  • XIV. Any other illness, disorder or condition, for example, chronic / genetic / require long-term treatment for at least 6 months or fall into one of the categories listed in Rehabilitation and Rehabilitation Services or Immunotherapy and Point. -XIII is taken into account;
  • Students from rural areas are those who have studied in another area as they do not have the opportunity to study in the education department in their hometown.
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Types of students who will be awarded scholarships only if the income criteria are met

For other students who are not in the above categories, social scholarship may be awarded if the income criterion is met in the second semester, as shown in the document. Income includes allowances and allowances for siblings.

“According to Article 13 (1), social assistance scholarships, which are reviewed every six months depending on changes in the family’s net monthly income, must be established at the beginning of the school year.

Adult students or parents of young students from families whose income changed during the first semester may apply for a community scholarship in the second semester to meet the general criteria set out in Section 14.

In determining the average net monthly income for a family member referred to in Section 10 (4), the permanent income earned by family members, including supplementary child support and student sibling income, will be taken into account. According to the document the income was paid continuously during the calculated period.

What income is used to calculate social and scholarship grants

“The provisions of Article 10 (1) and Article 14 (1) (a) provide for the provision of scholarships and social assistance, respectively, from the second semester onwards. October – December 2021 for scholarships And January – December 2021 for Social Assistance Scholarships, So:

  • 1,524 lei, 1,540 lei, respectively, for an employee with a dependent.
  • 1,556 per employee with two dependents.
  • 1,572 lei for an employee with three dependents
  • 1,604 per employee with four or more dependents, ”the ministry said.
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“All types of students mentioned in Article 18 They also receive community assistance scholarships during the school holidays”.

Types of students They also receive community assistance scholarships during the school holidays

  • Students who have passed the school year or who have edited a subject at the end of the school year and accumulated a maximum of 10 incentives / semesters;
  • High school graduates, proving that they are admitted to a high school / vocational, full-time degree, pre-university education department;
  • Students who repeat the year for medical reasons, as evidenced by medical documents.

Sources: Ministry of Education, edupedu.ro

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