Ritual murder in Mozambique: Shaving and killing believing there was gold on the head!

Mozambique police say a bald man was beheaded in a ritual crime, and the perpetrators want to sell his head to a customer in Mali. BBC.

The customer did not come to carry out the transaction, and the attackers dropped the victim’s head in the central city of Mwandiva.

Some Mozambicans believe that hairless men have gold on their heads. This was the hypothesis Exposed a few years ago By Zambezia Police Chief Afonso Dias.

The first such beheading took place in 2017 in the Milanke district of Zambezi province. After five such crimes, Mozambique police warned that hairless men could fall victim to ritual crimes, all of which are important human beings.

According to Mozambique BBC correspondent Jose Tempe, police believed the idea that some skulls contained gold had persuaded healers to bring their clients’ heads. “Their motives are dictated by superstition and culture – the local community believes that hairless men are rich,” Commander Dias said at the time.

Organ trade is common in Mozambique, Malawi and Tanzania, where it is believed that love can bring wealth and fortune. Parts of the body that come from albino are particularly sought after.

Author: V.M.

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